never forget your domain name

Miosota is a free service that monitors a domain name and emails you when your domain name is about to expire.


How it works?

This project is still in beta hence only supporting a handful of domains extensions at the moment.

Miosota only keeps your email address and the domain that you want to be reminded on before expiry. We dont have any other personal details and you don't need to be the owner of the domain in order to receive a reminder.

I wont spam you but if you're still worried, then use a disposable email service such as Spam Gourmet.

Upon confirmation of your email address, this service will check and email you,

  • 5 days before expiry.
  • 1 day before expiry if you havent renewed.
  • 41 days after the expiry, if you still haven't renewed your domain then your reminder is purged from our db. Otherwise the expiry date will be updated and you will receive reminders again when it approaches expiry.

You can choose to unregister at any time.

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